Who is Apurv Pandey

 Apurv Pandey is A student studying in Patna,Bihar. Besides He is a Coder , Developer and also a Certified Google Digital Marketer.    Not Only in Technical Field He has maintained his study and He is the topper of his class. He has also got  certified by UNO FOR   Child Rights and Why The Matter and He has also Gained SUCCESS in many OLYMPIADS and quizzes.He also has a Youtube channel in which He uploads TECHNICAL,SPRITUAL,MOTIVATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL videos. Moreover He has learnt coding without any Coding Institute . He has learnt coding By Internet. He has also hosted His own website that (WORK IS STILL IN PROGRESS.)He has Also made his own Assistant in Python Language which can talk to Him and also has Feelings. For a Detailed Video  on it Click Here . His Age is only Ten and He Reads in class 5 And he is doing such a Great work. His Childhood Photo Achievements of Apurv Pandey 1.